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425 clams casio and the faux hayworths [Feb. 28th, 2012|11:07 am]
A nicens little boy named Baby Tuckoo
camerto casino. roberto casino. clams casino. Roberto "Clams" Casino.

clams casio. that's when you lose your shitty watch in a bowl of chowder.

roberto cansino. roberta cansino. rita haywarth's sister. rita hayworth's sitter. riga hayworth nee margarita cansino, this is her sister.

"Bob, listen to me. I know a guy, says he's got a line on Rita Hayworth's first cousin. You know, from the family down in Mexico."

"You're shittin me!"

"No, no, this is on the level! We get her up here, do that electrolyte thing on her hair, get her all shaved and powdered up...and suddenly we're players, baby! We're competing with the big boys!"

"How much will it cost us?"

"It will cost you seven thousand dollars. Naturally I will waive my finder's fee for a cut of the profits."

How many "cousins" of Rita Hayworth were imported from Mexico in those days? Scores. Most of them wound up on their backs in downtown cribs. Others, too fea and misshapen for even that kind of journeyman service, drifted out to sew clothes in the low districts off Broadway. Some became active in local politics. One changed her name and became a producer. You would recognize the name if I told you.

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